Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 3: ROK

Day 3:

Day two of being back into the world of online dating was quite dull. I did have a guy go back and forth over a period of a few hours about not talking to me anymore because I wasn't responding right away and then he would continue messaging me which I was unaware of at the time so it was interesting to see this guys process I guess. Seriously how do people have time to be on there all day? I spent a few minutes swiping guys and I didn't really like anyone that was on the menu. Anyway I had to get ready to back to LA the next day.

Recap of dating in LA:

It was:

First up we have "Artificial Sweetener." He was sweet, but there was something artificial about his sweetness. We went for breakfast and he emptied six packets of Sweet N' Low into his coffee. That ended it for me.

Next we have "The Wizard." I really loved talking with him about magic, rocks, energy all of that stuff wether it was on the phone or in person however, I wasn't physically attracted to him. We were trying to be friends but he kept trying to fuck me so yeah...

Then there was the "Coke Head." Date didn't last more than 15 minutes. If you are 38 years old and doing coke at 7pm on a Wednesday night, there is a problem. I thought I had vetted this guy, We emailed back and forth. Spoke on the phone more than a couple of times.  Disappointing.

Last we have the "Jew" and the "Palestinian." Two different guys, doing similar things in different parts of the country. Both were in the process of opening restaurants. The Jew working on a not-quite-hipster bar and Palestinian working on a vegan place. There were things I enjoyed about both these guys. The Jew had this romantic side and planned a sweet little day trip out of the city. The Palestinian, I visited his bakery (not vegan) and I was surprised how relaxed and friendly everyone was when he came around which is a good sign that the people working for him have a healthy work environment. While these guys are doing cool things with their lives, both men fell flat for me. There wasn't any excitement, closeness or playfulness. They both lacked to ability to really have intimacy and I don't think either of them actually respected me as a woman.

If it's possible I want to combine what I did like from these men and bring forth that guy. How about a conscious, romantic, educated, business minded, 5'10 or taller, creative, open-minded, intuitive, magic,vegan/vegetarian (meat on occasion but we can talk about that), loyal, and compassionate

Just go back into LA and I am entering this return with fresh eyes. Give me something real good :)