Monday, June 29, 2015


~Dreamt I was frustrated and threw my phone on the ground. The corner cracked and from there I pulled the case off, then the screen and then all the layers of the internal to be left with only a small piece of paper at the center. The paper had an image of a woman swimming, man walking, conversation between two people, a tree, and something else I can't recall. Since I didn't have my phone to communicate I used this piece of paper by pressing it on things, inserting into slots and showing it to people. It started a revolution~

The night before I thought about how I haven't been practicing yoga, walking, or do much physical activity for that matter, and asking myself why? What one thinks about before she sleeps may affect the content of the dreams.

Exchanged dreams with my lover. He said it's a sign to take action in a healthy way. Transition.

Lately I've been spending too much time on the internet either from my laptop or my phone. I'm so connected yet completely checked out on the basic human body level. There is only so much information, interaction, and waking up to the hot breath of ignorance obtained online. 

I reflected back on the piece of paper with images from my dream: woman swimming, man walking, tree, conversation.

I met up with someone for a walk in Griffith Park. I watched him walk towards me: Man walking.

The mountain hugged from the right and shared some trees with me: Tree.

Later that evening just as I parked my car the lover called. He was down the street and he also just returned home. He drove around the corner, pulled up to my car, rolled the window down, and there we sat in separate cars speaking in parallel conjunct universes: Conversation between two people. 

I had seen almost everything on that piece of paper except for the woman swimming. It was past 9:30pm so the reality of seeing this was not feasible.  

The waxing gibbous moon hypnotized me with an orange hued wonder. A cloud of a woman swam across the moon. Ahhhh. There she is.

A beautiful oracular day where the dream is reality and reality the dream.

P.S. I'm not texting for a while. Only making and accepting phone calls.